public enum RSDMotionRecorderType : String, Codable, RSDStringEnumSet

RSDMotionRecorderType is used to enumerate the sensors and calculated measurements that can be recorded by the RSDMotionRecorder.

RSDMotionRecorder records each sample from either the raw CoreMotion sensors (accelerometer, gyro, and magnetometer) or the calculated vectors returned when requesting CMDeviceMotion data updates. The CMDeviceMotion data is split into the components enumerated by this enum into a single vector (sensor or calculated) per type.

By default, the requested types are are saved to a single logging file as instances of RSDMotionRecord structs.

Spliting the device motion into components in this manner stores the data in using a consistent JSON schema that can represent the sensor data returned by both iOS and Android devices. Thus, allowing research studies to target a broader audience. Additionally, this schema allows for a single table to be used to store the data which can then be filtered by type to perform calculations and DSP on the input sources.