ORKVisualConsentStep Class Reference

Inherits from ORKStep : NSObject
Declared in ORKVisualConsentStep.h

The ORKVisualConsentStep class represents a step in the visual consent sequence.

To use a visual consent step, first create a consent document with at least one section (at least one section must not be of type ORKConsentSectionTypeOnlyInDocument) and attach the document to a visual consent step. Put the visual consent step into a ResearchKit task, and present it with a task view controller.

In the ResearchKit framework, an ORKVisualConsentStep object is used to present a series of simple graphics to help study participants understand the content of an informed consent document. The default graphics include animated transitions. The textual content you need to provide in the consentDocument property should relate to the specific study being run and should be localized.

An ORKVisualConsentStep object produces an ORKStepResult object, in which the dates indicate the total amount of time participants have spent in the consent process, and the route by which they can exit the consent process.

– initWithIdentifier:document:

Returns an initialized visual consent step using the specified identifier and consent document.

- (instancetype)initWithIdentifier:(NSString *)identifier document:(nullable ORKConsentDocument *)consentDocument



The identifier of the visual consent step, unique within the document.


The informed consent document.

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The consent document whose sections determine the order and appearance of scenes in the visual consent step.

@property (nonatomic, strong, nullable) ORKConsentDocument *consentDocument

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