ORKStepResult Class Reference

Inherits from ORKCollectionResult : ORKResult : NSObject
Declared in ORKCollectionResult.h

The ORKStepResult class represents a collection result produced by a step view controller to hold all child results produced by the step.

A step result is typically generated by the framework as the task proceeds. When the task completes, it may be appropriate to serialize it for transmission to a server, or to immediately perform analysis on it.

For example, an ORKQuestionStep object produces an ORKQuestionResult object that becomes a child of the ORKStepResult object. Similarly, an ORKActiveStep object may produce individual child result objects for each of the recorder configurations that was active during that step.

The results property of the ORKCollectionResult object contains the step results for the task.

– initWithStepIdentifier:results:

Returns an initialized step result using the specified identifier.

- (instancetype)initWithStepIdentifier:(NSString *)stepIdentifier results:(nullable NSArray<ORKResult*> *)results



The identifier of the step.


The array of child results. The value of this parameter can be nil or empty if no results were collected.

Return Value

An initialized step result.

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This property indicates whether the Voice Over or Switch Control assistive technologies were active while performing the corresponding step.

@property (nonatomic, copy, readonly, nullable) NSString *enabledAssistiveTechnology


This information can be used, for example, to take into consideration the extra time needed by handicapped participants to complete some tasks, such as the Tower of Hanoi activity.

The property can have the following values: - UIAccessibilityNotificationVoiceOverIdentifier if Voice Over was active - UIAccessibilityNotificationSwitchControlIdentifier if Switch Control was active

Note that the Voice Over and Switch Control assistive technologies are mutually exclusive.

If the property is nil, none of these assistive technologies was used.

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