ORKQuestionStepCustomView Class Reference

Inherits from UIView
Declared in ORKCustomStepView.h

The ORKQuestionStepCustomView class is a base class for views that are used to display question steps (ORKQuestionStep objects) in a question step view controller (an ORKQuestionStepViewController object).

Typically, you subclass ORKQuestionStepCustomView only when you need to implement a new answer format for the survey engine.

To ensure that your subclass is allocated the display space it requires, you should implement sizeThatFits:, or include internal constraints, or report an intrinsic content size.


The delegate of the question step custom view.

@property (nonatomic, weak, nullable) id<ORKQuestionStepCustomViewDelegate> delegate


A question step custom view should report changes in its result property.

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The answer to the question, which should be represented as a JSON-serializable atomic type.

@property (nonatomic, copy, nullable) id answer

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