ORKQuestionStepViewController Class Reference

Inherits from ORKStepViewController : UIViewController
Declared in ORKQuestionStepViewController.h

The ORKQuestionStepViewController class is the concrete ORKStepViewController implementation for ORKQuestionStep.

You should not need to instantiate an ORKQuestionStepViewController object directly. Instead, create an ORKQuestionStep object, include it in a task the task using a task view controller. The task view controller automatically instantiates the question step view controller when it needs to present a question step.

To use ORKQuestionStepViewController directly, create an ORKQuestionStep object and use initWithStep: to initialize it. To receive the result of the question, and to determine when to dismiss the view controller, implement ORKStepViewControllerDelegate.

Extension Methods


Provide a custom question view.

@property (nonatomic, strong, nullable) ORKQuestionStepCustomView *customQuestionView


If a question requires a custom control for data entry, provide a suitable custom step view. This view should provide -sizeThatFits: or autolayout constraints which determine the vertical space required.

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