ORKValueStackGraphChartViewDataSource Protocol Reference

Conforms to ORKGraphChartViewDataSource
Declared in ORKGraphChartView.h

An object that adopts the ORKValueStackGraphChartViewDataSource protocol is responsible for providing data in the form of ORKValueStack values required to populate an ORKBarGraphChartView object.

– graphChartView:dataPointForPointIndex:plotIndex: required method

Asks the data source for the value stack to be plotted at the specified point index for the specified plot.

- (ORKValueStack *)graphChartView:(ORKGraphChartView *)graphChartView dataPointForPointIndex:(NSInteger)pointIndex plotIndex:(NSInteger)plotIndex



The graph chart view that is asking for the value stack.


An index number identifying the value stack in the graph chart view.


An index number identifying the plot in the graph chart view. This index is 0 in a single-plot graph chart view.

Return Value

The value stack specified by pointIndex in the plot specified by plotIndex for the specified graph chart view`.

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