ORKConsentSectionType Constants Reference

Declared in ORKConsentSection.h


ORKConsentSectionType enumerates the predefined visual consent sections available in the ResearchKit framework.

Although the visuals are predefined, and default localized titles and Learn More button titles are provided, you need to provide in ORKConsentSection the summary strapline on each visual consent page and the actual Learn More content, because these items are specific to each individual study.

Not every section is applicable to every study, and most studies are likely to require additional sections.


 Overview of the informed consent process.

 This content can inform the user of what to expect during the process,
 and provide general background information on the purpose of the study.

Declared In ORKConsentSection.h.

 A section informing the user that sensor data will be collected.

 This content can identify which sensors will be used, for how long,
 and for what purpose.

Declared In ORKConsentSection.h.

 A section describing the privacy policies for the study.

 This content can describe how data is protected, the processes used
 to sanitize the collected data or make it anonymous, and address the risks

Declared In ORKConsentSection.h.

 A section describing how the collected data will be used.

 This content can include details about those who will have access to the data, the types of
 analysis that will be performed, and the degree of control the participant
 may have over the data after it is collected.

Declared In ORKConsentSection.h.

A section describing how much time is required for the study.

 This content can help users understand what to expect as they participate in the study.

Declared In ORKConsentSection.h.

 A section describing survey use in the study.

 This content can explain how survey data will be collected, for what purpose,
 and make it clear to what extent participation is optional.

Declared In ORKConsentSection.h.

 A section describing active task use in the study.

 This content can describe what types of tasks need to be performed, how
 often, and for what purpose. Any risks that are involved can
 also be communicated in this section.

Declared In ORKConsentSection.h.

 A section describing how to withdraw from the study.

 This section can describe the policies
 that govern the collected data if the user decides to withdraw.

Declared In ORKConsentSection.h.

 A custom section.

 Custom sections don't have a predefined title, summary, content, image,
 or animation. A consent document may have as many or as few custom sections
 as needed.

Declared In ORKConsentSection.h.

 Document-only sections.

 Document-only sections are ignored for a visual consent step and are only
 displayed in a consent review step (assuming no value is provided for the  `htmlReviewContent` property).

Declared In ORKConsentSection.h.

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