ORKWaitStep Class Reference

Inherits from ORKStep : NSObject
Declared in ORKWaitStep.h

The ORKWaitStep class represents a step that displays a label and an activity indicator mask.

This task can be used to indicate to a user that a process is occuring that does not need their input, and possibly indicate the progress that process has made. To update the progress on screen, use the methods provided on the ORKWaitStepViewController this step represents. Once the processing is complete, goForward must be called on the ORKWaitStepViewController in order for the user to be able to continue.


This property specifies the type of progress bar that will be displayed.

@property (nonatomic) ORKProgressIndicatorType indicatorType


ORKProgressIndicatorTypeIndeterminate (default) is for indeterminate duration operations ORKProgressIndicatorTypeProgressBar is for determinate duration operations

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