ORKToneAudiometryResult Class Reference

Inherits from ORKResult : NSObject
Declared in ORKToneAudiometryResult.h

The ORKToneAudiometryResult class records the results of a tone audiometry test.

The audiometry samples are generated by the framework when the task completes. It may be appropriate to serialize them for transmission to a server, or to immediately perform analysis on them.


The system wide output volume set by the user during the audiometry test.

@property (nonatomic, copy, nullable) NSNumber *outputVolume


A value in the range 0.0 to 1.0, with 0.0 representing the minimum volume and 1.0 representing the maximum volume.

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An array of collected samples, in which each item is an ORKToneAudiometrySample object that represents an audiometry sample.

@property (nonatomic, copy, nullable) NSArray<ORKToneAudiometrySample*> *samples

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