ORKReactionTimeResult Class Reference

Inherits from ORKResult : NSObject
Declared in ORKReactionTimeResult.h

The ORKReactionTimeResult class represents the result of a single successful attempt within an ORKReactionTimeStep.

The timestamp property is equal to the value of systemUptime (in NSProcessInfo) when the stimulus occurred. Each entry of motion data in this file contains a time interval which may be directly compared to timestamp in order to determine the elapsed time since the stimulus.

The fileResult property references the motion data recorded from the beginning of the attempt until the threshold acceleration was reached. Using the time taken to reach the threshold acceleration as the reaction time of a participant will yield a rather crude measurement. Rather, you should devise your own method using the data recorded to obtain an accurate approximation of the true reaction time.

A reaction time result is typically generated by the framework as the task proceeds. When the task completes, it may be appropriate to serialize the sample for transmission to a server or to immediately perform analysis on it.