ORKLocationRecorderConfiguration Class Reference

Inherits from ORKRecorderConfiguration : NSObject
Declared in ORKRecorder.h

The ORKLocationRecorderConfiguration class represents a configuration that records location data during an active step.

The location data reported is the location provided by CoreLocation.

If this configuration is included in an active step in a task, the task view controller requests access to location data at the end of the initial instruction steps in the task.

Location data is serialized to JSON and returned as an ORKFileResult object. For details on the format, see CLLocation+ORKJSONDictionary.

To use a recorder, include its configuration in the recorderConfigurations property of an ORKActiveStep object, include that step in a task, and present it with a task view controller.

No additional parameters besides the identifier are required.

– initWithIdentifier:

Returns an initialized location recorder configuration.

- (instancetype)initWithIdentifier:(NSString *)identifier



The unique identifier of the recorder configuration.

Return Value

An initialized location recorder configuration.


This method is the designated initializer.

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– initWithCoder:

Returns a new location recorder configuration initialized from data in the given unarchiver.

- (instancetype)initWithCoder:(NSCoder *)aDecoder



Coder from which to initialize the location recorder configuration.

Return Value

A new location recorder configuration.

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