ORKDiscreteGraphChartView Class Reference

Inherits from ORKValueRangeGraphChartView : ORKGraphChartView : UIView
Declared in ORKDiscreteGraphChartView.h

The ORKDiscreteGraphChartView class presents data provided by an object conforming to the ORKValueRangeGraphChartViewDataSource protocol as a discrete graph of ranged points.

You can optionally display a line connecting each ranged point pair.

By default, the primary plot is colored by the tintColor, and any additional plots are colored using the referenceLineColor property. You can customize the plot colors by implementing the -graphChartView:colorForPlotIndex: method in the data source.


A Boolean value indicating whether to draw a line connecting the minimum value and maximum value of each ranged point represented by the graph view.

@property (nonatomic) IBInspectable BOOL drawsConnectedRanges


The default value for this property is YES.

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