ORKImageChoiceAnswerFormat Class Reference

Inherits from ORKAnswerFormat : NSObject
Declared in ORKAnswerFormat.h

The ORKImageChoiceAnswerFormat class represents an answer format that lets participants choose one image from a fixed set of images in a single choice question.

For example, you might use the image choice answer format to represent a range of moods that range from very sad to very happy.

The image choice answer format produces an ORKChoiceQuestionResult object.

– initWithImageChoices:

Returns an initialized image choice answer format using the specified array of images.

- (instancetype)initWithImageChoices:(NSArray<ORKImageChoice*> *)imageChoices



Array of ORKImageChoice objects.

Return Value

An initialized image choice answer format.

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An array of ORKImageChoice objects that represent the available choices. (read-only)

@property (copy, readonly) NSArray<ORKImageChoice*> *imageChoices


The text of the currently selected choice is displayed on screen. The text for each choice is spoken by VoiceOver when an image is highlighted.

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